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Ludpha Biotech is a subsidiary Ludpha Pharmacy International Limited. Ludpha Biotech International Limited is a giant Biotechnology company with focus on entrepreneurship, Science, innovation and collaboration. The basic fundamentals of Ludpha Biotech Int’l ltd is the provision of hands-on practical experience of the contemporary Medical and Scientific Advances to Nigerian professionals, students, scientists and researchers as well as bringing the biotechnological safety products and services close to the People/Patient/market.

Ludpha Biotech International Limited is a revenue-generating Biotechnology Company that emphasizes on the commercialization and accessing (of the Legal and acceptable) of safety Products and Services of the current developments in various fields of biotechnology. It also involves acquainting clients with practical procedures for the production of essential Laboratory reagents and other useful biomedical laboratory substances. Genetic analysis on samples collected from researchers/patients/clients is among the services of our company. We serve as a bridge for linking Nigerian scientists from various academic disciplines with the real practical experience in the contemporary world. The greatest strength of Ludpha Biotech is collaborations and Strong Partnerships with foreign leading companies and local ones. Our head office is headquartered in Sardauna Crescent, Badawa layout Kano-Nigeria.

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