Products and Services of Ludpha Biotech

This include but not limited to the provision of:

  • Bench work Research Services, Research assisting and demonstration.
  • Hand-on experience in Molecular biology techniques, Public Analytical laboratory Techniques, and other Microbial, Chemical and biochemical methods.
  • Molecular Diagnostic facility and all other clinical laboratory services.
  • Production, procurement, selling and distribution of all foams of Biotechnology safety products and services, medical devices, laboratory consumables and reagents
  • Consulting Services on General Laboratory systems design, management and quality management.
  • Certification services

Products and services of Ludpha Pharmacy International ltd

A. We are Carrying out the business of importing, exporting, mixture, compounding, preparing, dispensing, selling and distribution of drugs and poisons of all kinds and supply of all medical equipments.

B. Carrying out the business of general contracts, general supplies, commission agent, manufacturer’s representatives, marketing, sales and distribution of general goods, manufactures and deals in all articles, substances, products, commodities, appliances and things used for or in connection with the company’s business or dealt in by persons’ carrying on any of the business mentioned, and preparing, packaging and preserving for sale manufactured goods of all descriptions.

C.  Provision of primary health care services and essential drugs.

D. Dispensing of prescription and OTC drugs.

E. Selling of provisional items like sanitary pads, cosmetics, etc