The founder of the company in person of Mr. Yahaya Sadiq: Mr. Yahaya Sadiq is ambitious person with an entrepreneurial spirit. He is a well-trained Pharmacy Technician, Biochemist as well as Biotechnologist. He is a molecular biologist with almost 5 years research in biotechnology and over 2 decades of experience in pharmaceutical business. He has a long-standing experience and collaboration with a wide range of health professionals in areas of medicine, clinical laboratory and public health services in Nigeria.  

Mr. Yahaya Sadiq started drug business in 1999 as a patent medicine vendor with a registered patent medicine store called Lafia Medicines, situated in Chedi, Kano city-Nigeria; the patent medicine store was later upgraded to Pharmacy shop in February 2011 with the name Ludpha Pharmacy international ltd, situated at 28 Sardauna crescent, Badawa lay out, Kano-Nigeria.  

The Subsidiary of Ludpha Pharmacy International Limited (Ludpha Biotech Int’l ltd) is a company basically for Marketing of Biotechnology products and services and Provision of practical training in the contemporary Scientific and Medical Advances. Ludpha Pharmacy International Limited was incorporated in Nigeria in February 2011, with  RC 934235. Mr. Yahaya Sadiq is currently the Research and Continue Coordinator of School of Health Technology (SHT) Kano; and the Deputy Head of Pharmacy Technician Department, SHT, Kano-Nigeria.